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The follow up single to Top 20 New Country Artist Hit, "Hell of a Good Time".

Title Track of the upcoming EP.

Available Jan 6, 2020

12 A.M. Midnight (Local Time Zone)

Lookin' For A Party- (Single)Kevin Jaggers
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Q: What is "Looking for a Party" about?


A: "[Lookin' for a Party] is the life of a musician on the road-- a life I've lived since I was 16. When you are out there, and you're going city to city... You see a lot of things... and a lot of interesting people. Literally the Class A's to the bottom of the barrel-- the rough ones! This song puts them all in one room together. Some are just there for the beer and some are lookin' for a party. That is how it goes in the dives and the clubs! You see all of them.

Q: Who did you have on the record?

A: "My producer, Bill is an outstanding producer with a #1 Album on Billboard under his belt-- working with everybody from Tim McGraw and Brad Paisley to Martina McBride and George Strait. He is always great at taking what I'm looking or in a song and making it come to life exactly how I hear it in my head. And we get tons of great musicians that help us make that happen too. One of those guys being Ilya Toshinski. He's a 6 time ACM Award winning musician and plays on just about any song on the radio."

Q: "Lookin' For A Party" is the title track off the new EP. When can we expect to see that be released?

A: "So we haven't picked an exact date because we are still finishing the record. But it will be in the first half of 2020 for sure."

Q: You're currently gearing up for a new tour. What do you have planned for it?

A: "Yeah. We start the 'Lookin' for a Party' Tour on Jan 1oth and we are planning over 75 dates for it. So it's a huge undertaking for me. But, I'm super excited to be back in places like New York and Chicago that we toured in last year that were such a blast. Its going to be bigger and better than ever!"