Kevin Jaggers- Lookin' for a Party (Single)

Available: Jan 6, 2020

"Lookin' for a Party" is the life of a musician on the road-- a life I've lived since I was 16. When you are out there, and you're going city to city... You see a lot of things... and a lot of interesting people. Literally the Class A's to the bottom of the barrel-- the rough ones! This song puts them all in one room together. Some are just there for the beer and some are lookin' for a party. That is how it goes in the dives and the clubs! You see all of them.



Kevin Jaggers- Lookin' For A Party (EP)

Track Listing:

1- Lookin' For A Party

(Written by: Kevin Jaggers)

2- Hell of a Good Time

(Written by: Kevin Jaggers)

3- Hook, Line, & Sinker

(Written by: Kevin Jaggers)

4- Take You Home

(Written by: Ashley Gorley, Chris Tompkins, & Rodney Clawson)

Expected to be Released in Early 2020

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